The Face Place Salon established in 1973 and offers the highest quality, customized services. Our treatments are provided by licensed Beauty Therapists in a tranquil, private setting. We carry our own line of skin care products and encourage you to take good care of yourself.


Spa Packages

Spa Packages

King/queen for a day - $34,000

Repechage Four Layer Facial + Swedish Massage + Gel Manicure + Classic Pedicure


This new and updated royal treatment comprises of our new signature Repechage Four Layer facial, a full body Swedish massage, gel manicure and classic pedicure. 

Spa Ritual - $29,500

Customized Facial + Aromatherapy Massage + Spa Manicure + Classic Pedicure and Light Spa Lunch

This ultimate spa treatment customizes a facial for your specific skin type. Full body one hour aromatherapy massage relaxes the body and the senses with aromatic oils. Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing spa manicure and classic pedicure and finish off with lunch.

European Holiday - $19,500

Repechage Classic European Facial + Spa Pedicure

A relaxing neck and shoulder massage accompany the European facial. Hydrating foot spa treatment to enhance your pedicure.

Pamper Experience - $17,500

Facial + Full Body Massage


Receive pampering from head to toe starting with a delightful, quenching and replenishing 60 minutes collagen facial, 60 minutes soothing full body massage!

The Ultimate Pamper Experience - $28,000

Repechage Four layer Facial + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

Upgrade your pamper experience to our signature Repechage Four Layer facial and a 60-min full body Aromatherapy massage!

Rejuve - $17,500

Hot Stone Massage + Manicure + Pedicure

Warm stone relax muscles and create a feeling of well-being. Soothe and beautify deserving hands and feet.

New Exhale - $16,500

Customized Facial + Spa Manicure + Pedicure

60 minutes facial treatment customized to suit all skin types followed by a spa manicure and pedicure which hydrates hands and relieves tired soles.

Simmer Down - $14,000

Deep Pore Facial + Upper Body Swedish Massage


Restore your skin with our deep cleansing facial. Relax the body and mind with an upper body massage.

The ultimate Simmer Down - $18,000

Repechage Seaweed Facial + Upper Body Swedish Massage

Refresh and renew your skin with the Repechage Seaweed facial and simmer down with our 30-min Swedish upper body massage!