The Face Place Salon established in 1973 and offers the highest quality, customized services. Our treatments are provided by licensed Beauty Therapists in a tranquil, private setting. We carry our own line of skin care products and encourage you to take good care of yourself.


Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Say hello to a softer, smoother you. We offer head to toe waxing to keep you hair free! Hard wax is available for facial, underarm and intimate areas only. Please call for pricing.


Brow Thread - $2,000

Brow thread

Upper Lip/Chin Thread - $2,000 up

Upper Lip Thread

Full Face Thread - $4,500

Full Face Thread

Brow Wax - $2,000

Brow Wax

Upper Lip Wax / Chin Wax - $2,000 up

Upper Lip / Chin Wax

Cheek Wax - $2,000

Cheek Wax

Full Face Wax - $4,500

Full Face Wax

Half Leg Wax - $4,500

Half Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax - $8,000

Full Leg Wax

Back Wax - $3,500 up

Back Wax

Under Arm Wax - $3,500

Under arm

Full Arm Wax - $4,000

Full Arm Wax

Stomach Wax - $4,000

Stomach Wax 

Stomach & Chest Wax - $7,000

Stomach and Chest Wax 

Bikini Line Wax - $3,500 up

Bikini Line Wax

Lil Kim Wax - $4,500 up

Lil Kim Wax

Brazilian Wax - $5,500 up

Brazilian Wax