The Face Place Salon established in 1973 and offers the highest quality, customized services. Our treatments are provided by licensed Beauty Therapists in a tranquil, private setting. We carry our own line of skin care products and encourage you to take good care of yourself.


skincare by type and condition

skincare by type and condition

The best way to know your skin type is how your face presents itself in the mornings when you just wake up. With so many products on the market, it is absolutely important that we are selecting the right product ingredients that will enhance our skin type and conditions instead of making it worst!

Always treat your skin [face] like a silk garment or a teflon pot. Both very delicate by nature, but still needs to be kept clean after each use. Get the knowledge you need for caring for your specific skin type and conditions. We’re dishing out the formula on this episode of #LetsTalkBeauty

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